Our team


We might be small but we are... Tim, Tanja and Jo. We are experienced in management, geoscience, finance, IT, marketing and design. If you are in Melbourne, please drop by the School of Earth Sciences at Melbourne Uni and say hello.


Board of Directors

We are governed by an independent board of directors who bring a wealth of expertise in geoscience, forestry, energy, accounting and corporate finance to the table.



Professor Linda Kristjanson — Director and Chair, 2007-17; Dr. Bob Haydon — Director & Chief Executive Officer, 2008-15; Professor John Trinder — Director, 2007-14; Dr. Don Pridmore — Director, 2007-14; Scott McTaggart — Inaugural CEO & Director, 2007-8; Prof. David Green — Director, 2007-8; Dr Mike Etheridge — Inaugural Chair and Director, 2007-8; and Mr Warwick Watkins — Director, 2008-12.


Program Leaders

At the helm: meet our passionate team of geoscientists from Geoscience Australia, CSIRO, state and territory geological surveys, and ten universities nationally who deliver AuScope programs and tools.



And finally, some of Australia’s fine geoscience leaders who generously offer support and expertise for our strategic direction and programs.