CEO’s update

Element map of a manganese nodule. Image:  Cardiff Earth & Ocean Sciences

Element map of a manganese nodule. Image: Cardiff Earth & Ocean Sciences

Dear AuScope community,

It seems that each time I write one of these I start out by saying what an exciting quarter it has been. That is once again the case! This time though, a quarter punctuated by appreciation of personal achievement, as well as the inclusion of some new faces in the AuScope family.

Let me start by congratulating AuScope collaborator and project leader, Gary Johnston on being awarded the Public Service Medal in this year’s Queens Birthday Honours List.  Secondly congratulations to AuScope board member and CEO of the DETCRC, Professor Richard Hillis on being named South Australian Scientist of the Year. What a fantastic and well-deserved achievement for both of these long-time leaders in the AuScope and broader geoscience communities.

I would also like to welcome Dr Meghan Miller to AuScope. Meghan has taken over from Professor Malcolm Sambridge as Component Leader for the Earth Imaging program based at ANU.  Meghan brings a wealth of international experience and knowledge in field-based seismology to our team and we look forward to working with her on future programs. I would also like to sincerely thank Malcolm for the incredible amount of work he has put into managing these programs over recent years. Malcolm will continue to be involved in some of the AuScope programs at ANU so we will still see him around.

Finally, I would like to take the opportunity to let you all know that we have been working very hard doing the groundwork for our future investment planning process. As part of this we are in the process of undertaking a series of reviews. Preparations are also well underway for the community planning workshop to be held after the AGCC in Adelaide. If you have not yet registered and wish to attend please do so as soon as you can as places are almost filled.

Cheers, Tim


If you would like to discuss opportunities for collaboration with AuScope, please get in touch with Tim Rawling.

Jo CondonCEO