Mapping a mineral future

A telescope burrowing 300km beneath Australia’s vast and parched land may seem more of a Jules Verne thought bubble than a not-too-distant scientific reality, but such a concept could exist in the next decade if the nation’s geoscientific community has its way.

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Jo CondonStrategy
CEO’s update

It seems that each time I write one of these I start out by saying what an exciting quarter it has been. That is once again the case!

This time though, a quarter punctuated by appreciation of personal achievement, as well as the inclusion of some new faces in the AuScope family.

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Jo CondonCEO
AuScope travel bursaries take flight

In 2016, AuScope awarded three $10k travel bursaries to researchers for their outstanding contribution to science using AuScope infrastructure. We caught up with Dr. Simon Johnson, Associate Prof. Hrvoje Tkalčić, and Gary Johnson to learn about the ongoing impact of their travels.

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Jo Condon
Cratons and their researchers collide

As the Indo-Australian Plate converges with the Tibetan Plateau, recently, so too do researchers from respective locations, outcomes of which are proving to be sizeable. Professor Andy Gleadow, from AuScope’s Earth Composition and Evolution component, explains.

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Jo CondonECE
Hype Over Hyperspectral

Remember when CSIRO developed high-speed wifi technology to solve time challenges in digital communication? Equipped with AuScope’s HyLogger hyperspectral equipment, Australian researchers are set to prove a comparable feat, in both nature and size, for improved Australian mineral exploration practices.

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Jo CondonNVCL