About us


AuScope provides geoscientists with world-class research ‘toolkit’ to help tackle Australia’s key geoscience challenges, and improve Australian life and the environment.

We are passionate about contributing to sustainable development and leading research and innovation in our field globally.

At our core, we are a small management team based in Melbourne, and a group of eminent geoscientists from federal and state government agencies and universities across Australia.

We run eight programs that link diverse branches of geoscience like geodesy, geophysics, geochemistry and geodynamics with computation, and put research tools, data, services and analytics at the fingertips of geoscientists — wherever they might be in the world.

We receive funding from the Australian Government under the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) alongside 22 peer organisations who address national challenges across all areas of science.


Help us build an investment plan for the Australian Government in 2018 — 2019.

Our team


We might be small but we are... Tim, Tanja and Jo. We are experienced in management, geoscience, finance, IT, marketing and design. If you are in Melbourne, please drop by the School of Earth Sciences at Melbourne Uni and say hello.


Board of Directors

We are governed by an independent board of directors who bring a wealth of expertise in geoscience, forestry, energy, accounting and corporate finance to the table.



Professor Linda Kristjanson — Director and Chair, 2007-17; Dr. Bob Haydon — Director & Chief Executive Officer, 2008-15; Professor John Trinder — Director, 2007-14; Dr. Don Pridmore — Director, 2007-14; Scott McTaggart — Inaugural CEO & Director, 2007-8; Prof. David Green — Director, 2007-8; Dr Mike Etheridge — Inaugural Chair and Director, 2007-8; and Mr Warwick Watkins — Director, 2008-12.


Program Leaders

At the helm: meet our passionate team of geoscientists from Geoscience Australia, CSIRO, state and territory geological surveys, and ten universities nationally who deliver AuScope programs and tools.



And finally, some of Australia’s fine geoscience leaders who generously offer support and expertise for our strategic direction and programs.


Strategic direction


Geoscience is the study of Earth, its rocks, its origins and its processes— from the centre of the core to the crust upon which we live. As our human population continues to grow, with ever-increasing demands for food, energy, space, and mineral resources, the pressure on our planet rises.

If we are to secure Australia’s natural resources, mitigate the impact of natural hazards resulting from the dynamic nature of our planet and our interactions with it, and build a low-carbon future, we must innovate in geoscience on a grand scale.


The Australian Government’s commitment

AuScope’s funder, the Australian Government is committed to ensuring that Australia stays at the forefront of world-class science, research and innovation, in order to drive advances in technology and knowledge that boost productivity, create jobs, and deliver economic growth:


Our strategy

With the 2018 Australian Budget outcomes in place including 5 years of ongoing funding in the next 0 — 5 years, and the possibility for a significant capital injection in the next 5 — 10 years, we are currently consolidating our position, evaluating our strategic direction, and building an investment plan for the next 5 — 10 years with the AuScope community.

This process runs between 2018 — 2019 and includes an independent review of AuScope programs, a strategic meeting with community, and development of working groups to contribute to the investment plan.