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We provide tools, data and analytics to research, government and industry geoscientists across eight integrated programs:


Earth Imaging
& Sounding

Using a collection of geophysical equipment to monitor earthquake
activity, image the Australian continent and make data available online.

Geodesy &

A suite of observational instruments that monitor movement and changes in the state of the Australian Plate.

Earth Composition
& Evolution

Access for researchers to world class geochemistry and geochronology laboratories around the country.


Borehole access, downhole tools, aftershock seismometers and petrophysical logging.

AuScope Virtual Research Environment (AVRE)

Making diverse national geoscience data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR); and providing the tools to visualise and process this data.

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National Virtual
Core Library (NVCL)

Hyperspectral logging instruments for drill core and supporting eResearch tools and delivery platforms.

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Geophysical Education Observatory

High quality earth monitoring based in Australian secondary schools supporting STEM students and researchers alike.

Simulation, Analysis
& Modelling (SAM)

A suite of simulation and modelling platforms for researchers to investigate the evolution of the Australian continent through deep time.