Join our Earth Science Week competition!

And you could  end up  telling so many more!

And you could end up telling so many more!

Dear AuScopers: help us celebrate Earth Science Week (Sunday 13 — Saturday 19 October) by sharing a science tale made possible by the AuScope toolkit on social media, and we’ll send* the most creative entry to #ASC2020 to learn about SciComm.

Sounds enticing? Here’s how to participate:

  1. Find your story and try to touch on this year’s ‘Geoscience is for everyone’ theme.

  2. Choose your storytelling mode and social media channel/s: it might be a singe or series of captioned images that can be shared as a Twitter threadInstagram story, or LinkedIn post (+/- comment/s). Or perhaps it is an animated GIF or video of less than 1 minute-length that can be shared via any of those social media channels.

  3. Communicate your intention to participate: by emailing us by Tuesday 1 October.

  4. Prepare your story: imperfect creative execution is fine, we don’t expect killer design skills. The more personality, the better!

  5. Prepare your message: At the least, make sure you have a 1-2 sentence caption that summarises what you did, specifically which toolkit (particular instruments, portals, software or data) you used, and what cool science came out the other end.

  6. Publish your story: on Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram during Earth Science Week using hashtags #EarthScienceWeek, #AuScopeImpact and #NCRISimpact, and tagging @AuScope (onTwitter or LinkedIn) or @AuScopeToolkit (on Instagram).

  7. Hold tight for the winner announcement afterwards on Monday 21 October.

*Please note that we will cover event registration (only) for one person (only) to attend the Australian Science Communicators Conference from Monday 17 — Wednesday 19 February 2020.


If you have any questions about this competition, please get in touch with Jo.

Thank you for having a go at science storytelling for AuScope.

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