This page contains details about application eligibility and procedure for access to ANSIR equipment and services. If you need more information, please contact the ANSIR Access Committee.

Who can apply

ANSIR equipment and services are available to all researchers in Australia and New Zealand.

Due to high demand of ANSIR equipment and services, we prioritise access by the merit of research proposals. We provide general access to equipment and services, but specific arrangements can be made with the scientific coordinators, who can also assist with training. Please note that researchers must meet project operating costs.

Applications for use of facility equipment and services are processed as they are received. Access is assessed on merit judged by the ANSIR Access Committee. All applicants need to discuss their requirements with the Scientific Coordinators of the appropriate Facility or Service before submitting a formal proposal.

Please note: various types of portable instruments are in heavy demand and therefore potential users are urged to submit bids at your earliest opportunity.

Proposals should be submitted to the Chair of the ANSIR Access Committee, Dr Ron Hackney of Geoscience Australia.


Equipment and Services: MS Word format | PDF format

Ocean Bottom Seismometers: MS Word format | PDF format

Terms & conditions

Terms and conditions for ANSIR’s equipment and services are detailed in the application forms. Namely, these state that the Institution proposing a project is responsible for the costs of the project, including mobilisation of the equipment and the costs of any ANSIR Facility personnel used in support of the project. The Institution is required to provide a guarantee of Insurance for all equipment used in the project.




For portable seismic experiments:
Dr Michelle Salmon,
Australian National Uni 

For electromagnetic experiments:
Prof Graham Heinson, Adelaide Uni

For OBS experiments:
Dr Alexey Goncharov,
Australian National Uni

For petrophysical experiments:
Dr David Belton, Melbourne Uni

For reflection seismic services:
Marina Costelloe and Laura Gow,
Geoscience Australia