Australia’s decadal plan for Earth Sciences is currently under development. Illustration:  The Australian Academy Of Science.

How do we best manage Australia’s natural resources like minerals, energy, water and soils? Together with the Australian Academy of Science, AuScope prepares the Decadal Plan For Earth Sciences plan, which is designed to ensure that research positively impacts the nation’s environmental state and prosperity.

This project follows on from the last decadal plan for Earth Sciences, Geoscience—Unearthing our future, which was released in 2003. It brought about a period of significant scientific advance in our sector, built on well-funded research programs, and underpinned by significant investment in research infrastructure through the NCRIS and EIF schemes.

To continue momentum, and ensure alignment between our strategic plan and the national decadal plan, Auscope has actively contributed to its development. A draft version is available for your review, please do not hesitate to contact Tim Rawling by email at

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