Tectonics and Geodynamics Demonstrator


Dietmar Mller (Sydney), Louis Moresi (Monash), Gordon Lister (ANU)


A workflow for linking rigid plate kinematic models with mantle convection andplate deformation combined with a library of subduction process simulations.

Demonstrator project

Tectonics and geodynamics of South East Asia.

The Java oil field is potentially very large. However we do not know the regional tectonics well enough to allow efficient extraction. The region is also rich in gold deposits but we lack a clear understanding of the tectonic controls on mineralization. Further this is one of the most potent regions for large earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. We are building workflows to allow simulation, analysis, and modelling using different S.A.M. functionalities to enable a better understanding of the relationship between sea-floor age distributions, oceanic plateaus, slab tears and windows and the resulting dynamic evolution of the region, including the effects of expulsion of mass southwards, eastwards and westwards from the Tibetan Plateau. The workflow brings together Pplates, Underworld, GPlates and CitcomS.