The AuScope Portal and The Mobile Applications

The AuScope Discovery Portal

The AuScope Discovery provides a web based interface for searching and accessing data, information, imagery, services and applications connected to the Grid. It allows users to discover, browse, save, and process geospatial information from Earth science data sources around Australia. Hyperspectral, borehole, global navigation satellite, geodesy, mineral occurrence and geology data are all available through the portal.

International Geo Sample Number, IGSN

This service enables users to mint and assign International Geo Sample Number, IGSN identifiers. The IGSN is a resolvable identifier for physical samples from our natural environment and related sampling features associated with research. Discover and access IGSN.

AuScope Maps App

The AuScope Maps App delivers a variety of earth and geospatial science data from Australia’s state and federal geoscience organisations as well as research groups operating AuScope research infrastructure. This Android App allows access to a number of these datasets from your mobile device including the national borehole, ASTER map, geophysics and mapping datasets.

AuScope Earth is available from

AuScope Earth App

The AuScope Earth iOS and Android Apps allows you to investigate our dynamic continent by accessing real-time data feeds from the AuScope Seismometers in Schools network. Did you feel a bump in the night? See if the closest AuSIS school recorded it too. Identify recent earthquakes from around the Australian Plate and compare the waveforms from your school to others across the country. Great for students, teachers or anyone who is interested in how the earth works.

As Australia moves northwards stress builds up in the earths crust due largely to the collision that is occurring on our northern plate boundary. This stress results in deformation that can be measured as earthquakes using seismometers or by subtle changes in the distance between fixed points measured by very high precision GPS units. AuScope has deployed 42 seismometers in schools throughout Australia and has supported Geoscience Australia in their deployment of over 200 GPS instruments that are continuously recording these effects. AuScope Earth provides you, the student, geoscientist or interested observer with the ability to analyse and compare real data downloaded directly from this large research infrastructure deployment.

The App is available from iosiTunes and anroidGoogle Play