Energy demonstrator


Steve Quenette (VPAC), Huilin Xing (UQ), Klaus Regenauer-Lieb (UWA, CSIRO), Lutz Gross (UQ)


Thermal, mechanical, fluid transport modeling for geothermal energy, petroleum exploration and sequestration.

There is an increasing convergence of computational resources and software ability towards physics-based forward models at geographically relevant scales. Together with the increased fidelity and availability of constraining data, these models are beginning to play a significant role in the programs oriented around Australias energy.

Demonstrator project

A collection of geothermal modelling applications which support geothermal exploration: including heat flow models at the regional scale, crustal heat transport by fluid flow at low temperature, a hot-dry rock simulator, and a geothermal, multiphase-fluid-transport engineering model. The collection also includes a suite of benchmarks and verification models.


Related project

Basin formation and fill with sediment production and transport. Linkage-supported co-investment to study feedbacks between tectonics and surface processes.