To celebrate our 10 year anniversary, AuScope held full day Symposium followed by an awards dinner at AESC in Adelaide on Tuesday 28 June 2016. The Symposium had a research and future directions focus. The awards dinner saw the presentation of three prizes celebrating outstanding research that has been undertaken over the last 10 years utilising AuScope research infrastructure.

In the following categories the winners were:

APPLICATION OF SCIENCE AWARD honours an individual or group that have demonstrated a significant advancement in research using Auscope infrastructure and translated the research into a substantial impact both nationally and internationally.


The Capricorn Orogen Project

Short listed projects

AGOS Geohistory Laboratory Project

EXCELLENCE IN RESEARCH ACHIEVEMENT AWARD honours researchers, working in the Earth and Geospatial Sciences using AuScope infrastructure, who demonstrate excellence through track record or clearly demonstrated potential.


Hrvoje Tkalčić – ANU

Short listed projects 

The GPlates Project – Spatio-Temporal Knowledge Discovery in Deep Time

Underworld and the Dynamics of Oroclines Project

AuSCOPE COLLABORATION AWARD honours groups or projects that have demonstrated effective collaboration to produce innovative and ground breaking advances in the fields of Earth and Geospatial Sciences using AuScope infrastructure.


Global Navigation Satellite System Project

Short listed projects 

AuSIS – Australian Seismometers in Schools Project

AusLAMP – Australian Lithospheric Architecture Magnetotelluric Project

Ocean Bottom Seismometer Fleet Project (OBS)

For more information please contact AuScope Communications Manager, Helen Keogh.