AuScope Earth Model

AuScope was built on the principle that simply acquiring the infrastructure and making it accessible to meritorious researchers was only part of the solution. The paradigm shift needed would come from harnessing, organising and providing ready access to the data, information and knowledge that result from use of the infrastructure. In turn, making the new data, information and knowledge available outside the research community will result in new and improved science, business, educational and policy applications.

Six components were identified that covered the main science and infrastructure delivery needs.

  • AuScope grid and interoperability
  • Earth composition and evolution
  • National virtual core library
  • Earth imaging and structure
  • Earth simulation and modelling
  • Geospatial framework and earth dynamics


The AuScope Earth Model proves the integration framework and data pipeline to facilitate new data collection, discoverability, analysis and delivery to a variety of stakeholders.