AESC 2010 Presentations

NVCL Symposium Presentations

Alan Mauger

Canadian Athabasca and South Australian Cariewerloo Basins: Hylogging insights

Andy Green

Joint Interpretation of SWIR and TIR Hylogging Data

Belinda Smith

3D mineral spectroscopy of the earth’s skin

Carsten Laucamp

C3DMM – Building a seamless 3D mineral map of the Australian Continent

David Green (1)

Mineral Validation of the AuScope NVCL

David Green (2)

Tasmanian case studies and MRT NVCL operations

Emily House

Hyperspectral analysis of alteration haloes: Examples from Victorian gold deposits

Erick Ramanaidou

The Iron Chefs: Modelling spectral mixtures of Iron oxides and clays. Applications in the iron ore industry.

Graham Walker

Quantitative spectral minerology of bauxite

John Walshe

Mapping of physicochemical gradients in mineral systems

Jon Huntington

3D mineral spectroscopy of the earth’s skin

Joseph Tang

Validation of Hylogging data with geochemistry and gelogic information at the GSQ NVCL Node

Lew Whitbourn

Status of NVCL Hardware: Hylogging systems for the AuScope National Virtual Core Library

Mark Berman

Algorithms for fast modelling and interpretation of mixed mineral spectra

Martin Haest

Quantification of Hylogging data for the development of a 3D physicochemical model of channel iron ore

Martin Schodlok

Status of CSIRO TIR spectral library of anhydrous silicates

Phil Harris

Applications of near infrared core imaging

Scott Halley

3D Model of a supergene gold deposit derived from Spectral Mapping

Steven Ruff

Exploring Mars in the thermal infrared

Tim Baker

Hidden mineral systems in our drill core archives – the NVCL opportunity

Tony Roache

Hylogging applied to gold exploration: validation and potential for industry uptake

Ryan Fraser

AuScope NVCL Workflow

Sasha Pontual

Seeing the wood for the trees: What spectral wavebands are suitable for your geological setting?

Timo Hyvarinen

Hyperspectral core imaging