AESC Presentations 2014


Hylogging unconventional petroleum core in the Cooper Basin, South Australia

Tony Hill & Alan Mauger, Minerals & Energy Resources Group

South Australian Department of State Development

Hyperspectral applications in economic geology – Case Study: Alteration at the Olympic Dam IOCG-U Deposit

Mauger, A.J., Ehrig, K., Kontonikas-Charos, A., Ciobanu, C.L. & Cook, N.J.

South Australian Department of State Development

Regional to deposit scale geochemical and spectral footprints of the ~1.6 Ga thermal event in the eastern Gawler Craton – a case study from the Punt Hill region, South Australia

A.Fabris, G.Gordon, T.Keeping, G.Reed, L.Katona, G.Gouthas

Geological Survey of South Australia, South Australian Department of State Development

3D Mineral Maps from Hylogger Data – Examples from the eastern Gawler Craton

Simon van der Wielen, Senior Research Scientist, Deep Exploration Technologies Cooperative Research Centre, Geological Survey of South Australia and the University of Adelaide

Co-authors: Adrian Fabris, Georgina Gordon, Alan Mauger, John Keeling, and David Giles

Regional metamorphism and alteration in the Nymagee area of New South Wales – a HyLogger study

David Tilley, Meagan Clissold, Peter Downes & Joel Fitzherbert

Geological Survey of New South Wales, Maitland and Londonderry

Infrared analysis of drill cores from the PARIS Silver Prospect, South Australia.

Georgina Gordon1, Ben Nicolson1, Jason Murray2 and George Gouthas1

1 Geological Survey of South Australia. 2 Investigator Resources

Some empirical hyperspectral core characterisation tools for NVCL TIR HyLogging data

Jon Huntington1, and Martin Schodlok2

CSIRO Mineral Resources, Sydney, Australia, Bundesanstalt fürGeowissenschaftenund Rohstoffe(BGR), ImGeozentrum, Hannover, Germany

Cariewerloo Basin: Spectral approach to mapping mineral diagenesis as a guide to fluid flow and unconformity-related uranium potential

John Keeling, 1Tania Wilson, 2Horst Zwingmann, 3Simon van der Wielen, 1Alan Mauger

Geological Survey of South Australia, Kyoto University, DET CRC

Advances in mineral spectroscopy for rapid resource characterisation –examples from South American base metal deposits

Carsten Laukamp, Angus McFarlane, Victor Montenegro, Leandro Voisin

Mineral Resources, CSIRO

Quantification of Ochreous and Vitreous Geothite using Reflection Spectroscopy

M.A. Wells and E.R. Ramanaidou


Relationship of regolith geochemistry and SWIR mineralogy to the degree of weathering and parenting lithologies

Heta Lampinen1 Carsten Laukamp2* Sandra Occchipinti1 and Samuel Spinks2